Thursday, February 5, 2004

I’m in a bad place right now.

I don’t know why. I think my cold set everything up: I’m constantly tired, and I can’t stop an annoying cough. This has left me without the energy to write, which depresses me every time I think about it.

On the other hand, I only woke up two hours ago, and I’m still not quite awake yet (again, I blame my cold).

[Overdrawn at the Memory Bank]

Last night, I stopped by Suncoast to buy some anime. And, I just realized, completely forgot to use my coupons, which is why I went to Suncoast in the first place. Arg. But anyvay, I picked up more Figure 17 and The Muppet Show and MST3K and Last Exile and the Trigun manga. All good picks. Also grabbed the latest Newtype, which contains a fascinating interview with Yoshiyuki Tomino (creator of Mobile Suit Gundam) about Gundam SEED, Turn-A Gundam, G Gundam, and others.

The MST3K I bought was specifically the 4th DVD collection, which contains 4 films. I watched the classics Overdrawn at the Memory Bank and Space Mutiny last night. As good (err, bad) as I remembered.

And that’s it from me for today.

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