June 1, 2004

This is some sort of lineart manga thingie. It tells a story, without words. Odd and somehow engaging. The artwork is alternately crude and nuanced.

…While, if you want to book a flight somewhere, you might (not) want to try SkyHigh Airlines, a perfect parody of airline companies. “Flying is expensive. Let us cheapen the experience.”

I’m working on another new writing project: an audio drama.

Why another new writing project? I crave variety. I want another adventure to write, other than the VR story. But most of all, this gives me the opportunity to write something that I’ll be performing. There’s something very different about the spoken word than the written one. The words come out differently. I want to play around with that.

I wrote the first part of the story a few weeks ago, and finally recorded a decent performance last night. I don’t want to post it until I have a few more queued up, though.

The story is set in a Jules Verne universe where English gentlemen take rockets to the moon and fight off little green savages. It’s fun to write—though difficult, because the basic form is so new to me—but I worry that it won’t quite work. Audio drama seems a very hit–and–miss proposition to me. Sometimes it’s engaging, sometimes deathly boring.

Well. I’ll never succeed it I don’t try, right?

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