June 10, 2004

Okay. You’re a massive entertainment company. You have a new TV show that’s generating significant critical acclaim, airing on two networks. One network—for whatever reason—decides not to air one episode. What do you do?

You stream it on the web for free, of course.

That’s exactly the situation Geneon Entertainment is in with their anime series Koikaze. It’s a drama about a very depressed young salaryman who suddenly runs into his younger sister after a long period of separation, which dredges up all sorts of memories. Geneon could have simply clammed up about it. They could have released a regret-drenched press release that blames the network for not showing it. Instead, they made sure their customers got their show.

A round of applause for Geneon, please, in celebration of at least one company that gets it. Thank you.

Quick link: Zeyad just posted part 1 of an article about Iraq’s tribal history at Healing Iraq. Informative, deep, and just plain fascinating, this part of the article discusses the distant past, particularly the psychology of the Arabian tribes who have influenced Iraqi life so much.

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