Monday, June 7, 2004

I really should describe my absolutely horrible Thursday. But, you know, sometimes the combination of distance and pain makes an experience even harder to discuss than normal. I recall someone describing their memories of the Holocaust by saying, “As time went on, it actually got harder to talk about it. I just wanted to avoid dredging up those feelings again.” I understand.

Not that my Thursday was anywhere near like a Holocaust; it was just a very bad day. I’ll explain my two chief experiences briefly.

1) My boss (who was my boss, then wasn’t my boss, and is now my boss again…all in the course of the past two months) informed me of a potentially significant problem with my hours here, which he asked me not to reveal the details of for certain sensitivity reasons. Suffice to say that somebody acted like a jerk.

My boss assured me that he (my boss) was perfectly okay with my hours, and that I can continue with my hours for at least the next couple of months, by which time this will probably all have blown over. But that was demoralizing.

2) When I got home, I began baking a cake for a going-away party the next day. I’d used the same recipe a week previously, to ensure that it would work. Everything went perfectly. I put the first two cake layers into the oven, then after about fifteen minutes swapped them. They seemed…odd. So I checked the recipe.

I’d forgotten to add sugar.

So. That was ruined. I was extremely frustrated and just threw myself down onto my bed, gritted my teeth, and just let myself be frustrated for a while.

After a few minutes, the new motto I’ve been adopting floated into consciousness: Embrace Change. I knew I wanted a cake. Okay, so I’d have to change my plan. How else could I have a cake in time for the party? Easy; just go to the store.

It wasn’t as special as a home-made cake. But it was a cake, and it was there, and we had a great time sending off Sasha.

The weekend: I spent much of Saturday online, taking care of a bunch of Syllable things, and shopping for new summer clothes. Sunday was mostly a time for condo hunting, meeting with my parents, and cleaning up some bits and pieces here and there. Seeing other peoples’ messes while condo hunting inspired me to clean up my own.

I did manage to write some more of the VR story, though. Which is pretty cool, as I haven’t been writing all that much lately.

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