Tuesday, June 8, 2004

‘Twas going to post something about my hunt for a condo to buy, but instead I stumbled across Seth Godin’s wonderful entry for today, Needles, haystacks & magnetism. A quote:

What chance is there that your totally average resume, describing a totally average academic and work career is going to get you most jobs? “Hey Bill! Check out this average guy with an average academic background and really exceptionally average work experience! Maybe he’s cheap!!”

He’s right. I’m currently looking for animators for Otherspace Productions. I browsed several dozen resumes recently, some of them resumes that were sent directly to me in response to my job posting. Some of these resumes listed waitressing and secretary work. Why on Earth did they list, on a resume which specifically states that they want a graphic arts position, that they once had a job at Applebee’s?

More telling, perhaps, were the resumes sent to me electronically through a job service. Each resume had to be accompanied by a brief “cover letter.” One was blank. The second stated, “I saw your job posting. I would like to work for you. Here is my resume.” (My internal response to these has become, “That’s obvious. That is also obvious. That, too, is obvious. You just wasted 200 bytes of hard drive space, fifteen seconds of my time, and several minutes of your time.”). The third said, “I’ve done some animation work, and I love anime. I want to work for you.”

Guess which potential animator I’m most anxious to meet?

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