August 6, 2004

In other news, The Register has an excellent article on the recent webloggers attending the Democratic National Convention. I’ll quote a bit of thought-provoking post by Seth Finkelstein quoted in that article, which neatly sums up the problems of attending a conference of 15,000 journalists while thinking that you’re there to reinvent journalism:

The blunt question of readers is always “Why should I read you”? They’re asking, what power and influence do you have, what intellectual worth do you possess, what is your place in the social hierarchy? It’s not impressive to answer: “Because I am a unique and special snowflake”.

Okay. Okay okay okay. You all deserve some kind of explanation for this week.

Monday I drove back from Pittsburg, getting in around 5:30 p.m. And then I went to work. I felt like a sack of wet beans, and that was the start of my week.

Tuesday is a vague blur. Nothing much happened, that I can recall.

On Wednesday I woke up early to attend the walkthrough of my townhouse. For those not familiar: This is where the buyer and an inspector rigorously test the house to ensure that it’s in good shape: all the electrical outlets work, the dryer actually switches on, etc. This is not to see if the house is a lemon; it’s to ensure there are no surprising details that the seller forgot to mention. In my case, the dryer ventillation hose wasn’t actually attached to the dryer. There were a handful of other trivial issues; nothing major.

I then spent the rest of the day at work. And by that, I mean that I left work after midnight. My deadline looms.

Thursday, I woke up early to meet with one of my animators, who stopped by to show me the work she’d done this week—coloring several cels and fiddling with the CGI shot. Then, after barely two hours at, work I had to drive out again to meet with the key animator.

That’s another story. Briefly, the key animator’s been vacationing for much of the summer. But our animation work has been ramping up, so I’ve wanted to meet with her to talk about increasing her workload. This was the first time in about two months that she’s been available to meet. Frustrating, though it’s nobody’s fault. I told her when she started that nobody else was working on this, so she could take her time. Now, there are five other folks working for Otherspace (not counting myself), and much of it is dependent on the key animator’s work.

I then took my work home and worked on that until 1:00 a.m.

Friday, today, I woke up early to meet with my loan officer, to finalize the mortgage on my townhouse. That went reasonably smoothly, though I’ve just been notified of a slight problem I need to clear up.

I’m literally exhausted. My brain feels like cotton gauze, and my body responds like a golem’s. I was hoping to work at least a little this weekend to completely catch up, but I physically can’t.

I physically need rest.

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