Thursday, September 23, 2004

I’ve been a lot more responsible lately.

For example, last night I put the last dish in the sink, looked down at it, and though to myself, I want to have a clean, empty sink. So I cleaned all the dishes, gave the sink my Chlorine Enema™, and wiped it down with Clorox. And afterwards I felt good.

This is in contrast to my attitude at my old apartment, which I can summarize as “Eh.” Picture a Gallic shrug to accompany it. It’s not that I hated cleaning; I just had no particular desire to do so, and afterwards I felt no better than I had before.

This may be a result of my personal intentions, which I’ve been satisfying every day this week. And boy does that feel good. I’m really accomplishing things that are important to me.

Here’s the townhouse that’s receiving the benefits of my increased responsibility:

[Townhouse Exterior]

If you walk in the front door, you’ll come into the living room. I took this picture just before I moved in. There’s a lot more furniture now.

[Townhouse Living Room 1]

If you were to walk all the way back to that stepladder and turn around, here’s what you’d see:

[Townhouse Living Room 2]

Then if you went upstairs, you’d come to a bathroom and two bedrooms. Here’s the front bedroom:

[Townhouse Bedroom]

It’s a nice little townhouse, really. It’s just too bad that nothing works….

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