Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sometimes, I feel like I’d be a lot more productive if I threw out my projector and was unable to watch any DVDs.

I planned to do many things last weekend—paint more of my townhouse, read, bake—but, on Saturday, I popped in the Star Wars: A New Hope DVD into the DVD player and noticed a commentary track. Neat, I thought, I’ll watch some of it.

By Sunday night I’d watched all three movies all the way through, with multiple pauses to think about what I’d just heard. Heck, Irving Kirshner’s (sp?) commentary on The Empire Strikes Back was worth the price of the DVD set. Everyone involved reveals many fascinating aspects of storytelling. They explain their approach to the stories, how they resolved plot problems, neat moments that were though up while filming. I was entranced, and it was all very useful information.

But I got comparatively little done this weekend as a result. And, yes, it’s good to have more information, but information without action is useless. Perhaps if I’d only watched one of the films….

I did meet with the animators on Sunday, and things are moving nice and quickly. I think we should be done within the next month or two. I’ve already begun pre-production on our next animation, which I hope to finish within another six months. Then, I can approach investors and try to get money so I can do this full time. That’ll be scary.

I did have a problem: I’m kind of out of money. I paid up all my bills this week, but it tapped all my cash, and I had forgotten to fill up my Otherspace Productions account. So I had to hold back my credit card payment (I had planned to pay off a fair chunk of it; now I’ll only be able to pay a little more than the minimum) and transfer enough money to cover this week’s work. I hate being in that position.

But at least it’s working. I am getting animations made.

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