Monday, November 22, 2004

A low comforter of grey clouds hangs over my townhouse right now. The trees are mostly naked and the lawns are turning that pale wintery color. It actually looks like snow weather, though a quick trip outside reveals temperatures in the 50’s.

But it’s beginning to feel like Christmas. There’s one local radio station that switches over to 24-hour Christmas music for the entire season every year, and they’ve made the switch. The malls are completely decorated with Christmas lights and ribbons.

Oddly, I like it. I usually prefer to focus on Christmas for the last few weeks of December, but this year I want Christmas to start now. I want an early dose of cheer.

I suspect this is because of my two-month illness. It happens every autumn: I contract an ongoing, very mild cold for several months, punctuated with full-blown illnesses every few weeks. Which reminds me: I need more soup.

One of those punctuations occurred yesterday; I woke up with a sore throat and no energy whatsoever, so I spent the day doing laundry and napping and watching Russian animation (I look forward to writing more about that soon).

So today, I’m only at work for a few hours so I can take care of a few comparatively urgent matters. I want to go home and spend the evening curled up under soft blankets.

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