Friday, December 3, 2004

Because of my Redemption card club meeting this night, I got little done today.

Work was pretty much a wash; everyone in my group was migrated to a new version of Windows XP today. It went relatively smoothly, but there are still a number of connectivity problems.

So I came home early and made gingersnaps. I want to have something extra done before my main baking on Saturday.

Then early to the church, where I met with a group of girls to facilitate a book discussion for a school project. I also found out that I need to attend (and participate in) their presentation on Monday, at 7:15 a.m. That time frame does not fill me with joy—especially because their school is a long drive away—but I know I’ll have a good time.

Only a few people came to Redemption, so we ended up watching some R.O.D. (what a great anime), then I came home and performed my strength training exercises, then went to bed.

A pretty quiet day.

Oh! Except that while I was waiting for our systems at work to come back online, I made some updates to my Wala script. I’m adding blogging features, so that the administrator—or anyone who knows the password, really—can post blog entries, which the Wala can display in regular blog fashion.

I’m doing this because I’m thinking of migrating this journal to the Wala. I’d like to be able to embed WikiWords in this journal, and be able to easily link to blog entries on the Wala. I worry that I’m compromising the simplicity of the Wala by adding feature cruft, but I truly think this is a useful feature.

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