Friday, January 14, 2005

(Gah! This was supposed to post for Thursday. Ah well; I’ll fix it eventually.)

My long, tiring week continues. I attended happy hour tonight, which was great fun despite the fact that the grease of the pizza joined forces with the alcohol in the Guinness to wage war on my stomach. But I had a good time with the folks there, and then helped my parents move some furniture and caught up with them.

Unfortunately, I’m having iBook trouble. Several times recently, the screen has completely died. The OS itself apparently continues to function; I can blindly click on things and can hear audio feedback, and the hard drive makes noises typical of normal workings. Even rebooting didn’t help today. I eventually managed to do a full reset—unplugging it and removing the battery—and it worked fine after that, despite being unhappy at the unclean shutdown.

So now I’m going to have to find time to take Navi to my local Apple Store, and hope that they can fix it reasonably soon. Navi’s my only link to the internet while I wait for Verizon to hook up DSL at my townhouse (a process which I expect to take several weeks).

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