January 31, 2005

My truck wasn’t towed. I got a temporary extension through February, so I’ll have time to get my truck tested for emissions and return to the DMV. To my delight, I spent a total of maybe five minutes at the DMV.

I’m feeling better today, by the way. Much of the black hue to yesterday’s entry was caused by my illness, I think. I always feel down when I’m sick. And I’m sick every couple of months. A co-worker suggested that I may be having an allergic reaction to something. That makes sense; I’m a moderately active guy, and I eat lots of healthy foods, so I shouldn’t be sick this often.

My to-do list today wasn’t as magical as it has been in the past. I did get through about half the items on the list, though.

In particular, since I’ve been taking care of my parent’s golden retriever Molly for the past week, one of my tasks has been to train her while she’s here. She’s pretty good at “Come” and “Sit,” and I want her to be used to “Down,” “Stand,” and “Stay” before she leaves.

My training system is pretty straightforward. I have a bowl of dry kibble on my desk. Whenever I have a moment to spare, I grab a few pieces of kibble and tell Molly to “Come.” Her eyes are always glued to those pieces of kibble. I maneuver the kibble to move her into position. So, for example, I’ll say “Down” as I move the kibble straight down to the floor. When she moves into position, I give her the piece of kibble. If she doesn’t move properly, I simply re-position her and do it again (no reprimands).

It’s remarkably effective. I’ll only do a couple of commands per session and maybe three or four sessions per day, but she’ll learn a command within a couple of days.

In other news, David Willis (the creator of It’s Walky) is now drawing Shortpacked!, which deals with the employees of a toy store. I’m enjoying it; Willis has a good sense of oddball humor.

12:00 a.m.

Want to play DOOM 3 but don’t have an expensive 3D video card? Just play the board game.

The idea’s not quite as oddball as it first appeared to me. It looks like a fun monster destruction romp. Courtesy Ludology.

Ugh. I’ve had a pretty miserable weekend.

I came down with a cold late Thursday, which has kept me home pretty much all weekend. Which would be fine if I could actually get anything done while home. Instead, I watched anime (Samurai Champloo, R.O.D the TV, Martian Successor Nadesico, Tenchi GXP, and Zeta Gundam). All were enjoyable at different levels, but they weren’t nearly as important as the various things I needed to do this weekend.

For example, I didn’t finish proofing that novel, or scan Otherspace Productions artwork, or write, or read much of anything. And I could have done much of that if I hadn’t felt like used chewing gum.

I’m also still taking care of my parents’ dog, who’s sweet but very confused and upset by being (A) away from her regular home and (B) away from her regular people. I can understand it, but I’m still annoyed at her desperate antics when I so much as put on my coat.

On top of all that, I got a sticker on my truck warning me to move it within 48 hours or it’ll be towed (I apparently forgot to pay for my 2005 registration; I found the form under a bunch of papers). Of course, that was tacked onto my truck Saturday morning before a big snow storm, so there hasn’t been a DMV open since then to allow me to re-register. So now I’m worried that I’ll go outside tomorrow to find my truck’s been towed. There’s something I don’t need to happen.

Worse, I can’t go to sleep tonight, and I need to get to work at a reasonable time tomorrow, because my boss has previously expressed his displeasure that I’m sick so often. And my cold was pretty bad today, which makes me worry that I won’t be completely healed tomorrow. I do not want to have to drag myself in to work tomorrow, sick and fatigued, especially if I have to face an unhappy boss. Assuming my truck is still there tomorrow morning.

So, all things considered, I want to curl up in bed and avoid the world. Except that I can’t go to sleep, so I can’t even do that. My worries just continue to circle my bed, nagging at me….

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