Sunday, January 23, 2005

Well, the weekly to-do list worked today, at least. I did pretty much everything:

  • I tried to go to church, but the parking lot was almost empty (no doubt thanks to the snow).
  • So I drove over to Starbucks and spent about two hours online there, researching accountants for Otherspace Productions, updating, advertising my spare bedroom for rent on CraigsList, updating SUB, and updating the OS on Navi2.
  • I then dove back into Cronan, a BeOS application that I’m writing at the request of a really cool BeOS guy. Unfortunately, I’ve felt absolutely no interest in working on it lately, despite his great patience with me. I did manage to prototype the last big feature, so I can at least report that we’re on track to be done soon. If I can, I’ll do some more work on it tomorrow.
  • I grouted the new tile floor at the entrance to my townhouse. The grout ended up quite rough, actually, but I did the best I could with what I had, and I’m proud that I at least did it. Took quite a long time, too; an hour and a half to grout fifteen tiles.

Tomorrow, I’ll be driving my parents to the airport in the evening and bringing their golden retriever back to my place for the two weeks they’ll be gone. That should still give me plenty of time to work on Cronan, though. Eh, we’ll see.

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