Monday, February 7, 2005

I took my laptop back to the Apple Store on Sunday, and kind of wimped out. I described the bugs I’ve encountered—the CD drive disappeared, the latch won’t open at times, preferences won’t stick—and the techs investigated. I should have just asked them to replace the unit. They were pretty confident it was a bad OS install, and suggested I reinstall the OS from scratch.

So, I’ll see if I can find the time this weekend to do that. Everything’s backed up, so it shouldn’t be a complicated process. But…arg, I have to reinstall my OS and hope that it works. I’d hoped to put that behind me when I switched to the Mac.

Anyvay. Today went pretty well at work. It went even better when I checked my personal e-mails and discovered that some of my job hunting paid off. I shot out my resume for two jobs on Sunday, and one place is quite interested; they wanted my resume in another format and verified a potential salary amount.

Honestly, I don’t want to leave NLX/Rockwell Collins STS, where I work now. I’m doing this mainly because I want to move to a different part of the organization, but my boss’ boss is reluctant to do so. I’m hoping that, if I have a job offer in hand, I can gently convince him to move me. If not, well, I can always take up the job offer. Heck, the e-mail I received today offered me more money than I’m making now.

I’ve started writing a new short story, this time a science fiction piece set in a space opera universe. The story itself is an adventure about a married couple who have to fight off a bunch of crazies to track down some missing data sitting in the center of an abandoned factory ship. I’m challenging myself to add lots of atmosphere to this story, as that’s something I usually don’t do in my first drafts.

I also started drawing again today. It felt good to be back into it. I just practiced copying a magazine photo. The drawing looked pretty poor, but I expected that for my first drawing. Now to improve….

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