Thursday, March 10, 2005

I’m home sick today, so I’m cruising the blogosphere (I hate that term!) and finding various cool links.

Here’s what Yahoo! looked like ten years ago.

And Microsoft provides Key points for learning leetspeak. No, really, that’s the actual title.

A government site warning about the dangers of rollovers in SUVs. Boring, right? The creators decided to create big, Bantha-like creatures called Esuvees and relate the safety issues of driving an SUV to the safety of riding an Esuvee. The resulting website is engaging and fun.

And here is a video of Steve Jobs introducing the Mac back in 1984. A very early Stevenote. He’s wearing a TUX!

And here’s something that causes stops and blank stares: a car hanging from a power line.

Who needs modern art exhibits? In comic form!

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