May 12, 2005

How would you like a webpage that links to, in total, over one million free mp3s? Here you are.

Last night was Errands Night, in which I give up any hope of productivity at home and spend the evening striding down aisles and trying to coax smiles out bored clerks. Really, I do; I look them in the eyes and smile genuinely. Usually, they smile back, though sometimes it’s a nervous smile, as though expecting this to be a prelude to my head splitting open and launching a brain-devouring proboscis at them. I don’t want to pull them into the abyss of a Conversation With A Complete Stranger (which is a great title for a book); I just want to insert a slightly less boring, slightly more happy moment into their day.

Anyvay. I came out of Home Depot with a few things and was metaphorically slapped in the face with a cloud. This Home Depot sits atop a hill that overlooks several miles of town, so most of one’s vision is taken up by sky anyway. But this was a huge battleship of a cloud, flared with indistinct tentacles, glowing with a purple aura. Amazing thing.

I glanced around at the ten or so people in the parking lot. Nobody else was even looking at the sky. Everyone had their heads down, hurrying to their SUVs (mostly), wrapped up in their own thoughts.

How sad.

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