Friday, June 17, 2005

And suddenly, it’s beautiful. After a week of rather punishing heat by June’s standards—highs in the upper 90’s—it’s now comfortable and breezy, occasional clouds drifting lazily across the baby blue sky. I’m now extra grateful for the hour I spent in the garden yesterday evening, trimming lawn edges and generally cleaning up. I’m now enjoying it, as I recline on the front window seat and glance out at the lawn.

It’s been a great week at work; I helped track down information for a certification the company seeks, and the head of the effort praised me often, especially to upper management. It was interesting work, too; asking people about how we do things, writing up brief process descriptions (how to explain this with minimal words?), marking up spreadsheets, and so forth. And it helped to know that this entire job would be done today; I could focus intently on such a short-term goal.

Unfortunately, my personal time suffered somewhat. Part of that was caused by exhaustion upon arriving home; I’m not used to that sort of pace at work. But also, I was just a little lazy this week. I spent a lot of time chatting with friends online. This is a fine and good thing in moderation, but this was not moderation. In fact, I just e-mailed them that I’m going to have to switch offline at 9:00 p.m. That’ll give me time to write, draw, and read before going to bed.

I just feel a need to make really good use of my time.

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