Sunday, July 17, 2005

My garden is looking much improved. My parents came over today with a load of plants that they had yanked from their own garden. We all pitched in and planted veritable miles of pachysandra and Virginia creeper, plus several hostas and impatiens. Kind of them, plus it filled out my garden nicely. Can’t wait to lay down some mulch now.

We also watched New Police Story, Jackie Chan’s latest movie. As Saalon expected, it’s a return to Jackie’s roots of solid, amazing action movies. Instead of typical Hollywood fluff (twenty minutes of goofball comedy for every minute of action), this has tons of character development and tense scenes interspersed with some of the better fight sequences I’ve seen in Jackie’s films. Very dark and serious, too, which is a break from typical Jackie Chan films, but a welcome one (heck, Miracles is one of my favorite Jackie movies, and it’s quite a departure from his norm).

Meanwhile, we’ve finished the Summer Storm animatic, which I’ve broken down into shots. I feel much more in control of Summer Storm than Matrix Experiments Lain, partly because I know more of what I’m doing this time around. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday, aside from the Otherspace meeting. I think I was exhausted from the stress (!) of finishing Matrix Experiments Lain (which isn’t completely finished; I’m going to clean up a few things before burning it to DVD). So I mainly chatted online yesterday. Felt good.

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