Thursday, July 28, 2005

Another quiet day at work, helping out a few people and generally organizing things. I plan to spend tomorrow tucking in to at least one major project, which at this point will be a relief. Finally, something to do!

I had intended to spend the evening running errands, but once I got home, nuked a frozen dinner, and got into a comfortable chat with Saalon, I decided against it. Didn’t have an immediate need for any of it. I can do it tomorrow.

Or this weekend, unexpectedly, as Saalon’s not coming down as planned. His trip has been postponed until next weekend, as he’s plum tuckered out and needs a weekend to regroup. So, I have an unexpectedly empty weekend. Whatever shall I do? Lounge around doing nothing, I’m sure.

Yeah, right.

Spent the rest of the evening on various Otherspace business. Got the proof for the Summer Storm poster, and checked over the sites I’ll use to order business cards and t-shirts next week (I’m low on funds, so will have to wait until I get my August rent payment). I also uploaded our financial information for the second quarter of this year, posted it, and printed it out to distribute to everyone on Saturday.

Briefly: I paid the employees $2,100 last quarter. Phew. That’s not a surprise, though; it varies from about $1,500 to a little over $2,000 every quarter. It’ll be really interesting to watch this quarter, because of all the expenses for Otakon plus whatever money we get for selling all this merchandise.

Sure is fun, though. I’m going to be selling merchandise of characters I thought up a few months ago. Cool!

(Note: I ‘ve uploaded an entry for yesterday.)

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