Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As I mentioned a few entries ago, I hate deadlines. In fact, I’ve organized Otherspace to minimize deadlines. However, we’ve had a deadline thrust upon us: if we want to premiere our animation at Otakon, the submitted disc has to be in their sweaty otaku hands by this Monday (a switch from the previous submission date of tomorrow. Luxury!).

So I got the last of the backgrounds last night, inserted them into their various shots, and everything looked great…then I leaned forward and peered at the preview window. The final shot had some kind of dust on the artwork. It didn’t show up until there was a fully-colored background behind it. It was unquestionably there, though, so I IMed one of the animators and she set to fixing it.

Meanwhile, I set to recording a footstep. Should be easy; I set up my iBook to record the sound of a shoe hitting the wall. This should have been close enough to the sound I wanted. The recording was utterly silent. I futzed around with the settings for awhile before I realized that the iBook’s microphone is apparently broken. Ah well; I could do without the footstep.

The animator fixed the dusty drawings and sent them to me. I imported them, and they looked great, and then I noticed that the import process had changed their size and position on the screen. Arrrg. This is part of a long animated shot involving about twenty drawings, each meticulously placed. It was going to take quite awhile to re-position them.

So I saved the project, switched on BitTorrent to download another episode of Gundam Seed Destiny, and leapt into bed with a gardening book and a biography of John Adams. The phone rang; it was Saalon, and we spent a pleasant hour or two chatting about role-playing and Gundam series. Afterwards, I climbed back into bed and fell asleep.

A good day, really.

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