Tuesday, July 5, 2005

It was a long, dreary, Siberian day at the office today. This was perhaps caused by my mode of waking up: when my alarm sounded, I rolled over, thought Ah, it’s still vacation, I can still sleep and slept until 9:30. Then I realized it was a work day, and one of the developers I support had said he might need my help on a build today.

So I raced in to work, to find that he won’t need my help until tomorrow. I had forgotten to eat breakfast, so instead I had a cupcake. An hour later, predictably, the sugar had worn off and I had the energy of a rusty hinge.

Lunch was sweet freedom; I went to Suncoast to pick up my reserved copy of Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3 volume 1 (I’m amused at the diversity of that franchise, and how many terms it needs to differentiate each series), and my debit card was promptly declined. Oh, wonderful. The helpful clerk—they’re all helpful at Suncoast, now that the previous manager is gone—offered to hold my bag behind the counter for an unspecified period until I came back to pick it up. That’s service. But I left the store glum; no new anime for me. Of course, the huge pile of unwatched anime at home means nothing.

(I later realized that my current debit card was deactivated, and I was sent a new card. I tried to activate it as soon as I got it, but the automation hell had no obvious option for new card activation, and I had other things to do. My next action was the mistake: I didn’t put the card into my inbox, where I’d process it later. Ah well, I’m only mildly inconvenienced.)

So today I’ve been poking my nose through a long document that requires simple tweaks here and there. Utterly mindless work. And that should be perfect for a dull day like today—it’s even drizzling out—but my mind wants to be active. I blame the weekend: I’m rested, so now I want to be doing something. But I don’t.

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