Friday, August 5, 2005

It’s always a bit of a shock to walk out of your place of work and see multiple fire trucks at the next building. Especially when that building is actually the main building of your place of work.

Which is what happened today. Two fire trucks, plus several small support vehicles, like little dogs yipping at the heels of the Big Dogs. Lights blazing, of course. Turns out an A/C unit went on the fritz, or some such thing. Nobody was remotely hurt, unless somebody stumbled on the way out the door.

I was walking out of work not to go home…well, actually I was. But not to go home for the day; I slipped home at lunch. I made soup last week; it needs to be eaten, and had forgotten to bring any in this morning. So, I drove home, cursing the dump trucks cruising along at ten MPH under the limit in the passing lane, slurped my soup (which sounds dirty, but isn’t [unless you spill your soup {my goodness, it is dirty}]), skimmed a bit of a self-help book (a “YOU…CAN…conquer the world!” book, to quote Danny O’Brien), and watered a few garden plants that looked like they’d had three too many bourbons.

Gardening consistently frustrates me. Not the gardening itself; my lack of time and money to make my gardens what I want them to be. I’ve been studying garden design for years—I have a bookshelf full of gardening books—but there’s just no time to really dig in properly. I suspect I’ll fiddle around with gardens for thirty years, then if I retire I’ll actually be able to create an amazing garden, and everyone will wonder how I was able to do it in no time at all, and I’ll grab them by the lapels and say, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this? I could’ve done this two decades ago if I hadn’t been working full time!”

Or, not. Spent the evening on petty little chores, preparing for Saalon‘s arrival. I had to pay all my bills, a task I was not looking forward to, until I tucked into it and remembered that I pay all my bills online now. So now I can process six bills in a few minutes, instead of the half an hour it used to take when I had to fill out checks.

Then Saalon came, and we talked until 2 a.m., as expected. More on that later.

Oh, and note new VR story stuff, on the left.

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