Sunday, August 28, 2005

A good, quiet couple of days. Though it’s interesting I should say that; I’m sure others would describe a “quiet couple of days” as hell.

Such things are on my mind because I’ve been looking for romance on eHarmony. Funny how this process of looking for someone else makes you think more about yourself. Well, I want to make a good impression on any girl I’d meet.

I have little love for the eHarmony process, mostly because it’s all online. The bandwidth for human connection on the internet is very limited; there’s only so much that one can get across in a few paragraphs about oneself. I wish I could just meet a couple dozen girls for a few minutes at a time, talk briefly with each one, and have a short list of potential girlfriends within an hour or two. Someone phone Hollywood! This would make a great reality show. Not that I’ve ever seen a good reality show, much less a great one.

Anyvay. My weekend was tolerably quiet; I spent Saturday afternoon at a productive Otherspace meeting, then Saturday evening at my parents’ watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which they enjoyed. Always good spending time with them; we fit each other like gloves.

Then spent today on a variety of chores: spreading mulch out front, doing backups, uploading Otherspace content (there’s a new episode of the manga), working on the Syllable website (a new version of the OS was released today), cleaning, making sweet-and-sour pork for dinner, watching the first episode of Super Radical Gag Family and the second episode of Quiet Country Cafe, and generally chatting with folks.

So, yeah, pretty quiet and uneventful….

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