Sunday, August 7, 2005

As I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog, Saalon came up Friday night. He was here until Saturday night, and my goodness did I have a good time with him. He’s just so easy to talk to, and full of interesting things to say.

We both attended an Otherspace meeting, during which I interviewed a potential new animator. She wanted to know our process, pay, etc., and seemed a bit shocked that she could work at her own pace. And that we let people find work that interests them. It was gratifying, really; that’s how I want work to be, and it’s nice that this intrigues people.

Saalon and I then played some Gundam War (a fun collectible card game set in the Gundam universe) and watched the MST3K episode, “Pod People.” To quote Dr. Forrester, “It has nothing to do with Pods, it has nothing to do with People, it has everything to do with hurting.” Terrible, terrible movie, made worthwhile by Joel and the bots’ riffs. Huzzah!

Since Saalon was here all day Saturday, I took Saturday as my day off, which meant that today (Sunday) was a day for chores and generally getting things done. I’m still a bit frustrated that I have to devote an entire day every week to these sorts of things, but otherwise they never get done. I did manage to accomplish a huge amount today, though, from gardening to cleaning to catching up a bit on Infinite Ryvius (which flatly amazes me). I even had time to stroll down to a local Italian/Greek restaurant and have a leisurely Gyro dinner as I read a few chapters of Romans.

Meanwhile, one of the new features of the Otherspace website is a new comic spoofing the discussions we all have during our meetings. I’m very proud of it (though I neither wrote nor drew it; it’s all done by our character designer/storyboarder/key artist extraordinaire).

Mood: Content.

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