Thursday, September 1, 2005

Well, that was most remarkable.

I bought myself an iPod Shuffle today, primarily because of an article in Runner’s World in which the author enthused over his times spent running while listening to audiobooks on his iPod. I’ve been thinking about running again after getting no exercise for the past few months, so I figured that $100 was a reasonable investment.

I left the house at 10:00, recognizing that I can usually manage a twenty-minute run. Listened to a few podcasts. Got back into the house, sat down at the computer, and saw that it was 10:45.

And I enjoyed every minute of it, chuckling along to TWiT as I wheezed my way around town. And how I’m all exercised ‘n’ stuff. I feel good. Woohoo.

The rest of the day was similarly enjoyable. Though I’ve mostly rejected my earlier geeky ways, I still get a thrill whenever I buy a new tech gadget. The Shuffle is a beautiful little piece of technology; easy to use, nicely sized. Perfect design. So I was excited all day over that.

And what a day to feel good. Warm, breezy. Palatial clouds drifted across the sky like swans on a lake. (Hey, that was a good metaphor! I should stop my writing vacation.) The kind of day made to lay down on a grassy knoll, close your eyes, and feel the breeze ruffle your hair and the soft grass tickle your legs.

Spent the evening on boring technical stuff, updating security policies and passwords and such. Yawn. But important. Worth doing every so often, if just to prevent the crisis that would inevitably occur if you didn’t keep up with it.

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