A Sunday Spent at Home, and the Pleasures Thereof

I like staying home. I have a good friend who, if he’s stayed home for an hour or two, is overcome with a need to go out, see people, and do things. I can sympathize, but I almost never share the impulse. I’ve made my home a place I enjoy living in. That’s kind of the point of having a home, isn’t it? Why not enjoy it?

Which is why I spent all day yesterday at home (excluding a walk around town, which I’ll describe a little later). I had good reason, actually; I wanted to make a few things for my parents’ visit tonight. We’re establishing a tradition that they spend Halloween evening with me, since they live in a neighborhood with few kids these days, and it’s rather depressing to have a total of three kids stop by on Halloween. So, over to my place, where I get thirty.

[Halloween picture]

Anyvay, they’ll be coming for dinner, so I wanted to have a few things on hand: caramel popcorn, a nice autumn treat; some bread for the cold cuts left over from the Pumpking Carving Party; and a batch of chocolate chip cookies just because I do that most weekends and the cookie jar was empty. After I stop by the grocery store tonight, I should have the following menu:

  • Sandwiches made from fresh homemade bread, cold cuts of ham and turkey, and cheese
  • Apple slices
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Apple cider

So I made the popcorn, bread, and cookies yesterday morning, all of which went smoothly enough. In the afternoon, I helped Saalon set up his new blog, then went for the aforementioned walk around town. I live in an area that has a bunch of old houses, many rundown. Perfect for Halloween. I wanted to get some good pictures, but my camera doesn’t do well in the dark, and I couldn’t hold the camera still. But I ended up with 38 photos.

Then home, where I watched several Japanese live-action TV dramas, and I think I’m getting addicted. Interesting acting, neat camera angles, tight writing, fascinating premises…and really bad video. Ah well. More on them later, once I’ve had the chance to ruminate on them for a while.

For now, it’s Halloween. Remember, you’re entitled to one good scare.

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