Monday, October 3, 2005

And just when I get a little more interested in blogging, a cold grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and threw me into bed for a few days. It’s been pretty bad yesterday and today; so bad that I’m staying home from work today. Don’t want to infect anyone else, though I got it from work. This same nasty cold has been leaping from cube to cube. It’s the current office joke; someone will be out for a day or two, and the rest say, “Ah, must be that cold.”

So I’ve spent a fair amount of the weekend watching anime, particularly After War: Gundam X and ZZ Gundam. I’m enjoying both for very different reasons; X has accelerated its character development and is (as of episode 15) moving along at a nice pace. And it’s refreshing to watch a Gundam series that’s more focused on the action/adventure aspects of the Gundam experience than the “War Is Hell!” drumbeat of many other Gundam series.

I’m only three episodes into ZZ (well, two really, since episode 1 is just a clip show summarizing the first two Gundam series), and it’s fun, too. It’s certainly more light-hearted and comedic than any other Gundam series I’ve seen (though Turn-A comes close), but I mean that in a good way. ZZ isn’t a screwball comedy; it’s a Gundam series with more comedic bits than other Gundam shows. Again, refreshing.

And with that, I’m going to go drink some orange juice and think for a while about some things Brennen just posted to his blog.

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