Sunday, October 16, 2005

It’s been a good weekend, if not productive in my core projects. Even so, my parents were so gracious to take me out to breakfast Saturday morning, then helped me repair my backyard fence. It’s a standard white picket fence that’s seen better days; the wood’s rotting and several pickets have been missing since I moved in. In fact, I’ve been using an old wooden pallet to block a large gap in the fence.

But Dad had some spare boards that he was able to cut and paint and use as pickets, so we all spent about an hour fixing the fence up. Looks quite good now.

I then drove to GMU to meet with another potential Otherspace artist. She wants to draw backgrounds, which we very much need, and I ended up spending an hour and a half explaining our processes to her. She was very interested in everything we’re doing.

She was a good example of the difference between someone still in college and someone who’s graduated. She graduated awhile back and has been working for a while, and she naturally asked a lot of questions about the company and was generally very engaged with me. When I interview folks who are still in college, they often ask only a few questions before saying that, yes, they’d like to work. Completely different.

Anyvay. I spent today (Sunday) catching up on chores, and watching episode one of Densha Otoko, a.k.a. Train Man, a live-action Japanese drama about an anime fan who helps a girl on a train, and develops an incredible online support network of fellow netizens to advise him as to what he should do next. Once I got used to the over-the-top action, I became hooked. The show’s packed with anime jokes (most of them Gundam-related), which helps, and they use a number of songs to set the mood. Heck, the first episode opens with various shots of real-life otaku hangouts set to Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

So, needless to say, I’m downloading episode two now. I’d wait to buy a legitimate release, except that I doubt this will ever be released in America. Heck, it looks like even the Japanese release won’t have English subtitles. So, there’s one sale they won’t get. Ah well.

(Oops. Forgot to post Friday’s entry, and to upload more VR story. Done.)

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