Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wow. I am exhausted.

Just got back from a Chinese dance presentation at the Kennedy Center. It was fabulous—a combination of modern dance and martial arts, kind of. The second half was rather slow, as it was just people contorting their bodies to the sounds of bells (bells without melody, too), but the first half was a dynamic set of dances, some energetic, some mysterious, some tragic. Great stuff.

But I woke up a little after midnight this morning and was awake for three hours. At least I got quite a bit of Otherspace work done as a result, updating the website and checking on a few miscellaneous things.

But so yeah, as if the late night weren’t enough, I’m operating on too little sleep. My bed lays next to me, beckoning me, and I think I’m going to throw myself into its welcoming arms now.

The Chinese are cool.

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