Assault of the Inner Critic

Well. In my previous entry, I wrote that I’m thinking of pitching some animation ideas to Cartoon Network. That was Wednesday. I’ve spent the past two days under an almost unceasing assault from my Inner Critic, insisting that I not do that. That I’d be better off abandoning all my creative projects, in fact. That I’d enjoy myself far more if I spent every evening watching MST3K re-runs and anime. That I’m crazy for thinking that they’d actually accept my pitch, and even if they do sign me on, what then? Like I’m going to really be able to deliver a TV animation on time.

To which I have listened, and ignored.

It’s good to hear these things. It’s made me realize how much I fear success. The idea of really starting a full-scale animation studio scares me witless. It excites me, too, but it’s really scary. I’d be providing livelihoods for dozens of people. I’d promise to deliver a heck of a lot of beautiful, life-affirming animation. <gulp>

But at the same time, I’d be creating beautiful, life-affirming animation. I’ll be making something of beauty, that people will watch and think about. I’ll change people’s lives, hopefully for the better.

That’s worth listening to a whiny Inner Critic for a while.

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