Monday Tuxedo

It’s Monday, so I’m feeling fine. Wrote three pages in my paper journal this morning, slammed through my morning routine, took out the trash, and arrived at work fifteen minutes early. Had an easy day, taking care of a few things and talking to my boss. I felt like a professional. Just got home and slammed through half a dozen little chores.

I’m on top of the world.

Much like Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo, which I watched last night, as a very lame segue. I liked it more than I expected. It has some wirework, but less than I thought it would, and it had a tighter script than most Chan films. And it’s very nicely lit and filmed, which helps.

They needed a dapper British guy to play the gentleman that Jackie drives everywhere (and eventually takes the place of). So they got Lucius Malfoy. Almost impossible to watch without wanting to rip his eyeballs out for trying to kill Harry Potter. Ah well. He did a great job nevertheless.

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