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Doing your work isn’t always fun. In fact, it’s usually not fun. But that’s not quite right either. While I’m doing it, it’s fun. Getting to that point—pulling out the laptop, opening the file, reading through what I’ve written so far, typing the first few words—that’s not fun. But, when you turn pro, you realize this. You accept that it’s […]

So, What Matters?

From a song I woke up to this morning: Blood, sweat, and tearsReally don’t matterJust the things that you doIn this garden. I take this to mean that you’re not judged based on how much effort you put into your work; you’re judged based on your work. Very true. And not necessarily a bad thing.


I just discovered that the Atom feed on this site no longer worked, thanks to advances in the Atom specification. It should work now. How did I discover this? I’ve subscribed to my own journal in my RSS reader. This keeps my own work “in my face,” so I immediately know if something goes wrong.

So You’re Upset

And Resistance struck again. I received some upsetting news from my parents last night. Not exactly a death in the family; just some further developments in an unfortunate family dispute. It was a bit depressing. So, today, I wrote another few hundred words of Giant Armors. Not because I wanted to. I very much didn’t want to. I was upset by this news, for real and legitimate reasons. But if I’m going […]

On Faith

I saw The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe this weekend. High production values created a solid film. I have my quibbles, but they’re just quibbles. What struck me most about the movie was that it could have been made five years ago. The technology certainly existed then. Narnia presented no particular technical challenges beyond those faced in, say, The Fellowship of the Ring (though it certainly benefitted […]

Where Do You Find The Time?

Quite possibly the single biggest limiation on my lifestyle is finding the time to work on all my projects. Note: I have time to work on them. The problem is making sure that I get around to each and every one of these projects regularly. Right now, I have the following major projects: Animation Writing Giant Armors Improving Writing a website for a friend Improving security and general maintenance on this web server Blogging Keeping up […]

Brief Soapboxing

Bankrupt airlines should not be given bankrupty protection. They should be allowed to die. I do not want to pay (through my taxes to the government which provides this bankrupty protection) for a bankrupt airline. I’d rather two-thirds of the existing airlines die, if they can’t figure out a way to stay profitable.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Just got back from a visit with my parents, where I partook of an excellent Chinese-style meal, helped my Mom with her Motorola Razr phone, and filmed myself in their basement. Filmed myself in their basement? Yeah. It’s for an advertisement that Otherspace is making for a local anime club; part of it involves a shot of an otaku sitting in a basement somewhere, looking bored. So I volunteered to be that otaku. Turned out pretty […]

Bad And Good

It almost got me! Almost. Resistance came this close to derailing me today. It started yesterday, as I realized that I need to completely rewrite chapter one of my young adult novel, Giant Armors, within the next day or two if I want to get it to my writer’s group in time for them to review it by our next meeting. So I knew I’d have to get some writing done at lunch today. So […]

The Plateau

Saalon writes about his pretty bad year. Here’s the comment I left on his blog: I’m reminded of a concept from the book “Mastery:” The learning process is not a steady ride upwards. It is a series of plateaus punctuated by upward movement. Most of one’s time is spent on the plateau. So, the book contends, learn to appreciate the plateau. Understand that you are just building up to visible growth. When a house […]

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