Friday, January 13, 2006

Just got back from a visit with my parents, where I partook of an excellent Chinese-style meal, helped my Mom with her Motorola Razr phone, and filmed myself in their basement. Filmed myself in their basement? Yeah. It’s for an advertisement that Otherspace is making for a local anime club; part of it involves a shot of an otaku sitting in a basement somewhere, looking bored. So I volunteered to be that otaku. Turned out pretty well; I look appropriately spacey.

Meanwhile, I spent the end of this week recovering from the beginning of the week. Which is good, of course; lets me catch a breather and get back into the swing of things.

As a result, I haven’t done much of anything, though. Very little progress on Giant Armors, and practically nothing on anything else. Oh well; it’s not like I have deadlines on these things.

No, this isn’t going anywhere. It’s late on a Friday night, and I’m tired. Haven’t gotten quite enough sleep lately, so I’m functioning in that zone where you’re awake, but…slightly drained. Like someone’s cast a “Shortened Attention Span” spell on you.

OK, enough of this rambling. Time for some SLEEP!

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