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Amazing what a few days of illness can do for a person.

Seriously. Sure, I spent much of that time watching anime and Good Eats (finished season seven!), but I also spent a fair amount of it doing nothing. Just thinking. And that’s a very good thing.

I also re-read more of The War of Art, and contemplated turning pro. And then began to turn pro, in my writing and for Otherspace. In fact, yesterday, while I was still feeling sick, I wrote another five hundred words of the rough draft of Giant Armors.

This doesn’t deserve honor. Man is guaranteed only his work, not even the fruit of his work. I simply worked.

Though even that caused me some consternation. This novel is taking me quite awhile to write. I’m a little unsure about my experiment of writing multiple, increasingly detailed drafts, since it takes so long (comparatively speaking) to write each draft. I want to get this thing over and done with.

On the other hand, that’s part of the experiment. I want to try it out, work it over, see what happens. Maybe this will take too long, but I’d rather follow the experiment all the way through to the end than cut out partway through and never know the exact results. So, I’ll continue on.

Speaking of finishing things: I just posted the final bit of the VR story. It’s over. Finally complete. I started it over two years ago, and now I’ve finally reached an ending, 25,000 words later. I don’t particularly like the ending, nor the crazy, chaotic path I took to reach it. But at least I reached it. Maybe someday I’ll revisit this and turn it into a more reasonable story. Who knows? In the meantime, I’ll continue my work.

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