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Now that I have comments, I want to write something. So, inevitably, I’m tempted to write about writing comments. Heh. I added comments because I honestly want to hear from you all. I want us all to chat.

Though I don’t know how I’ll be able to participate, because I’m exhausted. I’ve re-committed myself to doing a lot of work at work, so I’ve been busier in the last few days than I have in, well, the last few weeks (at least, that’s what it feels like). Which is good, of course, all things considered. But this is the second night where I’ve come home and felt utterly unable to do anything.

Indeed, last night I went back out to 7–11 (a local convenience store), bought a bag of Doritos and some premium ice cream, and ate them while watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. That was Monday night.

So, yeah, I could have been a lot more productive lately at home. But I sure haven’t felt like it. So, I haven’t been.

Is this good? Or bad? Or something else?


Animom I think everybody needs and deserves some down time. I vote it’s good.
Stephen And, as an aside. Writing long posts isn’t easy in a one line text field. Or is this to discourage windy writing? :-)
Brennen I really like the IRC-style input. This might be a sign of lingering nostalgia for IRC, but I actually think it works well because there’s no burden to essentially write an entire post every time you comment. It’s actually more like a discussion than most efforts at discussion boards.
Brennen (The inputline could be a little bigger, maybe — 2 lines high? — but I think the basic design is really sound.)
Brennen Well, I just got myself into a work-week that borders on impossible, for the next month or maybe two. I can sympathize.
Shadrone There is a limit on how much one can accomplish without overstressing. Long work days cut into home time, so be sure to count the productivity at work in your daily total. I’ve got projects that have been waiting months for free time to do at home b’c of work schedules, you know, like vaccuming and the dishes.
Brent Hmmm. Good points, all. (And great to see you, Shadrone!). I have been much more productive at work. So that counts for something.
Anonymous Resting can be productive
Brennen Sometimes I think that productivity is a skewed metric.
Stephen Exactly. What *is* productivity?
Brent Well, I define productivity as progress towards a goal. And, obviously, accomplishing goals isn’t everything there is to life. But it is an important part.
Stephen But how do you measure progress to a goal? Especially if that goal isn’t a definite. If I’m working on a list of ten items and I check off three, then I can measure my productivity. But when there isn’t a definite list of objectives, how can one measure productivity? If you shoehorn productivity goals into nebulous areas of improvement (like learning to write, or draw, or whatever) you introduce a means of convincing yourself that you are making progess if you aren’t. Checkmarks have a way of impling improvement even if it isn’t there.

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