Just Like Muscles

I’ve been sick most of this week. It’s gotten me to thinking about things, particularly the idea of relaxation. Forced relaxation will do that.

For example, today I spent all day reading Fox Trot and Calvin & Hobbes collections. And boy was it nice to just while away a day, doing absolutely nothing of consequence.

And then sit down and lose myself in writing. I’m working away at the script for “Leviathans,” Otherspace’s pitch to Cartoon Network. It was amazing, how some time spent utterly relaxing helped build me up for a creative endeavor that I could just dive into and drink deeply from.

So, yes, relaxation is great. As long as that relaxation lets you do something. Too many folks have gotten so used to stopping that they never start again.


Stephen This post looks very similar to your post from Sunday. Good ol’ relaxation. But where do you draw the line between useful relaxation and someone stopping so much that they never start again? Who’s to say that these stopped people aren’t saving up a gigantic torrent of creativity? :-)
Animom I like your thought, Stephen. I would take it even further. Not everyone has lots of creations — some may have only ONE or possibly none! Not everyone is like say… Leonardo da Vinci. Some of us make the environment for others. Some are not creative at all — or never discover their ability to create. But the combination of ability, discipline AND balance are basic to us all.

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