Poetry Revitalization Project

Imagine a website/blog that posts really good poetry, and pays good rates to poets for that poetry. And that writes about the poetic form. And that points people towards good poetry. And that sells collections of good poetry. And that sponsors poetry-writing contests.

In other words, imagine a poetry portal, though a non-proprietary one. A website that gets people talking about poetry.

Imagine RSS feeds of good poetry. Imagine getting poetry in your e-mail inbox every day.

Imagine if a poet could actually receive some kind of useful reward for writing poetry.

Imagine a digital poetry publisher.

I imagine I’m missing a bunch of things. Such as…?


Stephen I always thought the poetry was the reward. Creative people create just by being who they are. What useful reward can add to that?
Animom Imagine poetry being appreciated by the many rather than the few.

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