Television, A Subject Rarely Discussed Here

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the best possible way to enjoy a TV show is to have it all at once on silvery discs, instead of doled out a week or two at a time over the course of three to five years (if you’re lucky).


Animom You know, I DO know what you mean. But TV has become something different than movies for me. I tend to look forward to the newest episode. There’s a separate thrill to it. I can record for watching later if necessary — very nice so I can avoid commercials altogether. But the waiting, the anticipation seems to make it better. I know that sounds weird — but it’s true. I enjoy the weekly installment mode very much. In fact, when the schedule changes, I miss the routine and the expectancy of a NEW episode. When it’s all there — it’s too easy — too available. Not as good for me, at least. I tend to get blase about it more easily. Thanks! Interesting question — I never actually thought about it before.
Gret I agree, my friend lent me the first season of Lost, and I watched 2 or 3 episodes a day, and it’s a much better experience than watching it every week or so.
Stephen Even better is torrents from HDTV sources. It looks better than cable, so Sarah and I watch them instead.
Brennen Tele-what?

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