Had a great date with Mandy on Friday, where we started out with dinner at a sushi restaurant. I’ve had sushi only twice before in my life, and both times myself and those with me were novices. Mandy knows what she’s talking about, so I was able to thoroughly enjoy every delicious bite. There’s something about the way it all comes together that just makes for an amazing morsel of scrumptious deliciousness in your mouth. Am I being too technical?

We then went back to her (lovely, homey) apartment to watch Master and Commander. What a film. It’s burned into my memory.

One of the interesting aspects to the film is how it treats nineteenth century sailing so plainly. It doesn’t particularly try to make the ship look majestic or weird or unusual. It’s just a ship. If films were being made back then, this is how they’d treat a ship.

On Saturday, I lazed around the place, baked a cake, then hauled my butt over to Reston Town Center for their annual Fine Arts Festival, in which several hundred local (and not-so-local) artists put up their wares for sale. Of course, it had its share of artists who felt they could cut out three geometric shapes, glue them to a canvas, and sell it for $500. But the great majority of artists there were really, really good.

So good, in fact, that I broke down and bought a painting by Michael Kopald. It looks a bit like this, which is another one of his works:


Yeah, I’m happy with it.

Then, today, I went out and saw Over The Hedge, the latest Dreamworks film. And if CGI continues to be this good, I’ll welcome it. Judging from the previews, it won’t be. But still, OTH was thoroughly entertaining and genuinely funny at times. A cute commentary on modern suburban living, too, without being nasty or overbearing about it. Its message wasn’t “Suburban Living Is EVIL,” it was that some people go overboard with their ideals of suburbia.

Then home to make a pot of pork-and-potato soup. Turned out well, though I added unnecessary water to the chicken stock, making the soup…well…watery, and the flavors don’t quite come together to make a real statement in your mouth. It’s just flavorful, tasty soup.

Which, on reflection, is a blessing in and of itself. I’ve felt like such a couch potato for doing nothing of real “consequence” this weekend, but really, how petty of me. I’m alive, I live in a lovely little townhouse, I get to do and make stuff that I enjoy doing and making, and heck, I’m alive on a beautiful, clear day. Isn’t that enough?


Gret yes

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