Finished, For Now

I just wrote the 19,495th word of the rough draft of my young adult novel. It was the final word of the draft.

Praise be to God for giving me the strength to finish it. May he give me the strength to continue through the rewriting and polishing that comes next.

Here’s the last paragraph. Obviously, I might completely rewrite it before I’m done polishing the novel, but I like it.

He awoke to the scent of moss. His eyes opened and he found himself lying face up in the patch of woods near his house. He inhaled the scent of trees, of leaves, of life, and he leapt to his feet and ran home.


Stephen His extended edition of “Sin City” includes a ten-minute cooking school on making Breakfast Tacos.

But he warns (and I agree), once you make and eat these you will crave them with a passion.

The first step? “Go to your fridge and get some flour tortillas. Throw them away, they’re garbage. I’m going to show you how to make *real* flour tortillas.”

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