Well, that’s that. I just sold my PowerMac G5. I had put an ad on CraigsList last week, and somebody came by today to buy it. A very nice young woman, a local web designer in fact, who was thrilled to get such a nice machine at this price (honestly, I couldn’t have sold it for more anywhere, as far as I can see).

Why would I sell a computer? Well, honestly, I don’t need it. I bought it to help with video editing and general image manipulation at Otherspace, but now that I’ve pulled back from Otherspace, I don’t do that any more. Heck, even before that, others were doing all the video editing and image manipulation. My G5 was just a place to download anime.

And I’ve been seeking to simplify my life more and more lately. Fewer projects, fewer possessions. I’m even thinking about selling my camcorder, since I haven’t used it in years.

Why? I want more focus. I want fewer things distracting me. I encounter enough roadblocks to achieving my dreams; why live with stuff that will pull me away from them? Stuff that takes up time to sort through, manage, and generally live with.

So, no. I’ll have no more of it. I’ll own what I need, and that will be that.

…Anyone willing to take any bets on how long this’ll last?

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