May 1, 2006

As promised, I’ve posted photos of my garden, as cleaned up by my Dad and me.

It’s been a long, long, long, long, long, looooong Day’s Night. Well, long weekend, really.

Saw United 93 Friday night. ‘Twas intense and powerful and moving, though not overpowering. Nicely done, all around, though I have to admit that I found the “Sony Handicam” style of filmmaking frustrating to watch.

On Saturday, I met with the Otherspace folks and basically resigned from Otherspace. They have some ideas on how they can move forward, but I’m planning to just slip out and re-evaluate the whole animation thing.

Then, Guy’s Night Out, where we watched Die Hard 2 plus some random bits of anime. Lots of fun; it’s a good group of guys.

On Sunday, my Dad came over and he helped me clean up my garden. Expect photos soon.

This morning, I got in to work an hour early so I could make a phone call at 8:30, then I was in meetings all morning.

…so I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight. Phwoar. I think I’ll have more time to actually update this journal soon, at least.


Gret About United 93: I thought the so called, “Sony Handicam” style to work excellently for the terrorist take over scene, but, yes, for the rest of the movie it wasn’t necessary.
KEM You’re garden looks great! I have the sudden urge to show up and help you plant flowers…

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