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He’s a Tramp…

How much of an animation geek am I? I spent last night watching Lady and the Tramp, including most of the “making of” extras. I’d read that the new DVD release of Lady and the Tramp is like a new film. And they were right; the transfer is beautiful, and it’s so perfectly cleaned that it looks like it was made yesterday. And the animation is so good that I could believe it […]

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Never ceases to amaze me just how much I can get done when I sit right down and do it. Tonight, for example. Came home from work, put a load of laundry in the washing machine, started a loaf of bread in the bread machine, made an omelette, made some sugar cookies (they didn’t work out), called a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while and talked for a while, checked my e-mail, and checked my blogs. And it was […]

June 26, 2006

Woohoo! I just accomplished everything on my to-do list tonight. Of course, there were only three things on my to-do list. But they were all fairly significant: Call back a friend of mine. We haven’t talked in a while, and we’d missed each other at a meeting on Saturday, so I was afraid there’d be some bad blood or something. But he was very apologetic, and I had a great time talking. Write a thank-you […]

And I don’t want that boy’s candy

I’ve had a perfectly wonderful day. It was frustrating, and confusing at times. Software refused to function at work. Hardware was sullen, too. Some folks were their normal prickly selves, and I had several dull security briefings. But at lunch I had fried shrimp and a big peanut butter cup sundae. I came home and watched two episodes of Eureka 7, which was enjoyable (though it’s still finding its […]

Ghost Stories

I finished watching Ghost Stories last night. ‘Twas great fun, with caveats. For those unfamiliar with the series, Ghost Stories is a thoroughly average kids’ anime made in 2000, capitalizing on a “ghost craze” that was sweeping through Japan. Apparently, every school in Japan has lots of superstitions and a stable of ghosts, and this is the story of a group of kids who accidentally unleash a horde of them, and have to exorcize them an episode […]

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I think I’ve caught my breath now. Work was busy, but not crazy; I was able to keep up with everything, and even have some quiet moments to take a cup of hot tea. Though this was hardly the day for a cup of hot anything; the temperature has been climbing steadily for the past few days, and today it was in the lower 90’s and humid. I’d walk out of the office and my feet would try […]

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just cleaned up from a visit from my parents. As usual, we had a great time; I made dinner (hamburgers with onions, Ruffles potato chips, and lemon cake with chocolate icing) and we watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Which was quite a remarkable film. I don’t know how accurate it is, but it seemed to track with what little I know of Japanese culture. And if nothing else, it’s a fascinating […]

Musings on Beauty and Plot

Friday night, I watched Avalon, a live-action film from Mamoru Oshii (director of the Ghost in the Shell movies. It was about the worst brilliant film I’ve ever seen. By “brilliant” I mean that every shot was beautifully framed and worth putting up on a wall. By “worst” i mean that it’s full of overly-long shots and pointless time spent watching things that just have nothing to do with anything. Do we […]

Cars, In Many Guises

I’m preparing a rather massive post to explain the server outages of the past few months. I want to explain exactly the sort of treatment we were getting and the experience we had with iPower. It was…shocking, to be honest. But enough about that until I can assemble my thoughts into a coherent explanation. I’ve been on vacation for the past couple of days, and yesterday I took advantage of this to go see the new Pixar movie Cars. […]

Back in Business

Okay! We’re moved over to a new server. Finally. This has been a really incredible week. Work was incredibly demanding—people wanted immediate answers to questions, and several pieces of software and hardware decided to stop working. Just before vacation. I left work with a massive headache on Tuesday, just from the strain. But now I’m on vacation. I’m not going anywhere; I’m just staying at home, taking care of home […]

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