Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I think I’ve caught my breath now. Work was busy, but not crazy; I was able to keep up with everything, and even have some quiet moments to take a cup of hot tea.

Though this was hardly the day for a cup of hot anything; the temperature has been climbing steadily for the past few days, and today it was in the lower 90’s and humid. I’d walk out of the office and my feet would try to walk me right back inside. It’s just too hot for June. June should be a mild month, leading up to the pleasant heat of July and the brutal scorching of August. But you can accept the heat in August, because you know fall is coming, and you know this is the last of summer.

I came home and, so as to fully recover from this mild illness/allergic reaction of the past few days, I made a pot of stew. Chicken and rice stew, with onions and baby carrots. The hearty, homey scent filled the kitchen like cotton in a comforter. I then made cookies for tea at work this week, and played around a bit with my Secret Programming Project.

And then I finished The Four Story Mistake. I borrowed this and the other books in the series from my parents when I was over there last, as I happened to remember they were excellent childrens’ books and I’ve been in the mood for some light fare after months of business and self-help books. I remember loving these books as a kid.

And it was almost as good as I rememberd it. Better, in some ways. The author has a tendency to tell rather than show, but when she does show, she does so fantastically. Some of the phrasings are marvelous.

All in all, a good day. Productive, but not overwhelming. Wonderful to spend a good chunk of the evening with a treasured childhood book.


Cantnever I looked over at Amazon for information on The Four-Story Mistake. I never heard of it before; it sounds interesting. Your stew sounds wonderful good. :o) Hope you feel better.

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