Just stumbled on A Nice Cup of Tea, a short article on tea making by George Orwell. As always, well-written and thought provoking, even when writing about tea.

I certainly prefer tea to other drinks, and I always take it without sugar or milk (unless I’m ill and want something sweet that will go down easily). But when it comes to style and flavor, I admit that I prefer fruit-flavored tea to the stronger Darjeelings and Earl Greys. At work, I usually drink Blackcurrant mixed with a little Earl Grey, and at home I usually reach for the Twinings Four Fruit. Intense teas just taste bitter to me.

I can say that loose tea has a better flavor than bagged tea, though you can’t beat the convenience of bagged tea. You can also double-up tea bags to intensify the flavor.


Brennen I’ve always been a fan of strong teas, for some reason. I had a serious yerba mate habit for a while, which is sort of the nuclear option of tea-like substances, at least if you consume it using the gourd full of leaves + filtered straw method.
Anonymous Interesting, I’ve never been able to enjoy tea at all, not matter how much sugar (or whatever) I add. I do like the aroma it gives off though.
Stephen They taste bitter because you need to add sugar. :-)
Brennen Orwell’s contention, of course, is that tea (like beer) is *supposed* to be bitter.

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