Homemade Food

I’ve probably bored everyone with my oft-repeated boast that pretty much everything I eat now is home-made. There are a few conscious exceptions. I don’t make the crackers I eat at lunch, and I go out to eat two or three times a week (usually at a sit-down restaurant).

But it is a fair amount of work. I find myself in the kitchen pretty much every day to keep ahead of my appetite. It isn’t hard; it’s just time-consuming.

A good example: Let’s say I want to have pizza this week. It takes between four and thirty-six hours in the fridge for the dough to develop a good flavor. So I have to make the dough a day in advance—or in the morning on a weekend day—then roll it out and bake it the next day. Both processes are easy, but I have to do them.

There is an easy solution to this: Buy some frozen pizzas or something. But if I have any frozen pizzas in the house, I’ll eat them.

Plus, I prefer to eat food that I’ve prepared myself. I don’t want high fructose corn syrup and maltodextrin in my bloodstream.

It’s just…hard sometimes. But then, good things usually are.

My current food schedule is:

  • Breakfast – A hard-boiled egg and a blueberry muffin
  • Morning snack – Peanuts and raisins
  • Lunch – Either a sandwich with bread-machine bread, or an apple and cheese, plus Wheat Thins and a row of a chocolate bar
  • Afternoon tea – Three chocolate chip cookies
  • Dinner – Pizza, stew, or whatever else from my recipes

I also keep around homemade applesauce, pickles, dried fruit, and fruit juices, for snacking. Looking over it, I realize it’s actually pretty healthy. Took awhile for me to get there, though. And there are still things I’d like to change or eliminate.


Kem Cool! How are you pickling your cucumbers?
Stephen Whoa, you seriously need to find an alternative pizza dough recipe. We make our own dough and it’s delicous and easy and only needs to rise 20 minutes to an hour. Check it out.

2 cups flour
2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
2.25 tsp. yeast

mix in a bowl. add 1 cup of hot water. sit the bowl in hot water, cover it with a cloth, let it rise as long as you like (20–60 minutes).

Tasty, easy, fast. I keep meaning to seriously archive our recipes on my wiki, but haven’t taken the time.

Brent Kem: I just follow this recipe exactly: http://brent.other-space.com/kitchen/pickles.php
Kem Brent: Thanks! Do you think you might experiment with a “Sweet” variety any time in the future?
Brent Actually, that recipe is for bread-and-butter pickles, so they’re already pretty sweet. If anything, I’ve been thinking of trying a more sour version.
Brennen I’ve just been using our standard basic bread dough recipe for pizza; admittedly this could be improved upon…
Stephen As long as it holds up cheese and doesn’t taste awful, it’s good pizza dough.
Brennen Clearly you belong to the “no bad [edible] pizza” school of thought.

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