Rain, A Trail, and a River

On Saturday, I took a walk down to a stream that runs near my house. As soon as I stepped out of my door, a light drizzle began to fall. I shrugged to myself; I didn’t mind getting a little wet, and there are quite a few trees on either side of the stream.

The stream runs through a stretch of grass that lies on either side of a small street. It’s officially a park, even though it’s less than two hundred yards long. But it’s a pleasant place to spend some time.

I took a few pictures of the stream, then as I reached the end of the park, I noticed a small gap in the brush bordering the park. I walked nearer, and saw that it led into the cool darkness of the trees beyond. I was there, and it was there, so I followed it.

Within thirty seconds I felt like I’d stepped back in time three hundred years. Except for an occasional discarded water bottle or beer can, I felt like I could have stumbled onto an Algonquin. The river muttered its centuries-old thoughts next to me.

And fortunately, I had my camera. So I give you:

[The River in the Rain]
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Cantnever Pictures are wonderful! I love that old tree and the ones of the river, stones, etc. A lovely retreat area! Glad you discovered it. :o)

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