You’re clearly not ready for a Spriggan!

To continue with yesterday’s anime review, this evening I watched Spriggan.

Fortunately, it was exactly what I wanted to watch tonight: beautifully-animated action with a plot just interesting enough to engage a few brain cells, but not enough to require much real mental effort. The plot concerns enhanced humans who fight to keep humans alive, and a plot to resurrect a massive artifact that will, naturally, destroy the world.

Katsuhiro Otomo (of Akira fame) provided “direction” on this film, and it shows. A number of shots are simply unnecessary; we spent a good two minutes watching the protagonist sit in various vehicles as he travels towards the massive artifact. And that didn’t even look impressive.

But the action sequences were impressive. This is a classic shonen story; over-the-top villains, righteous teenaged male hero, fun side characters (the French dude was, surprisingly, awesome), a threat to destroy the world, and reasonably rapid movement towards that threat. The protagonist fights a huge, half-mechanical man whose right arm is a chaingun. The plot holes are like pot holes; you may wince as you hit them, but they’re quickly forgotten.

So, overall, it was a fun ride.

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