It’s Late, and I’m Tired

I seem unable to get a good night’s sleep lately. The pattern repeats: I wake up feeling drugged. I get to work, feeling tired, but as the day chugs along I chug along with it. By evening, I’m ready to tackle a few projects. Once my bedtime rolls around, I’m energized and lay awake in bed, unable to fall asleep.

It doesn’t appear to be stressed. I’ve had several busy days at work in the past week, but all the work has been involving things I accomplished right then. Nothing’s hanging over my head. My other responsibilities are downright mundane at this point.

And my personal life has been pretty placid. I don’t find myself arguing inside my head with recalcitrant friends. Indeed, my friendships are mostly solid right now; I got together with several groups of friends recently.

My nightly habits are pretty calming. I still use the computer past 9:00 p.m., which I’d like to stop, but still: I make sure to take a shower after 9:00, finish up what I’m working on, and get into bed around 10:00, at which point I read magazines and books for half an hour while I munch on Triscuits. I then floss (I keep a container of it next to my bed), drink some water, switch off the light with a satisfying <click>, and snuggle down.

And lay awake for a couple hours.


AndreDeLimburger Aww.. that sucks man.
Stephen Doing anything in bed besides sleeping is not recommended. Trying to go to sleep when you aren’t drowsy makes it worse. If you can’t fall asleep in 20 or 30 minutes, get up until you feel tired. Check out this website: Good luck!
Brennen Aw, c’mon, there’s _at minimum_ one other thing that’s a good idea.
Stephen Ah, yes. Doing anything in bed besides sleeping or other relaxing activities is not recommended.

I do admit that I *always* read in bed. But the Docs say that if you have trouble sleeping, cut it out.

I have trouble sleeping if I don’t read though.

Stephen Also, those other “restful” activities are a great soporific.
Brennen It’s all about the endorphins. Or something like that.

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