19 May 07

Woke up this morning. Ran down to the nature trail and back. Showered. Drank some orange juice while my oatmeal cooked, then ate that. Saalon called and we talked excitedly about the giant robot idea we’re working on. Ate some melon and a slice of bread for lunch.

Went shopping. Came home, unpacked, started some dough in the bread machine, and went for a leisurely stroll to a nearby coffee house. Ate a toffee bar while I sipped a cup of vanilla tea and read this month’s issue of Fast Company. Stopped by a grocery store on my way home and bought a pound and a half of strawberries.

Hung a bird feeder to replace the one that the squirrels tore apart (that was fun; I clipped a heavy iron puzzle to one end of a metal chain and threw it over a tree branch. Took eight tries before I threw it hard enough). Removed dough from bread machine, shaped into rolls, and baked them. Cooked some pasta and ate dinner.

Finished polishing Giant Armors and sent to friends and writer’s group for review. Started laundry. Finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. Finished laundry.

It’s been a good day. And not because I’ve been trying, particularly. I’d planned a few things, and I’d wanted to finish a few things. And I mostly just did what was in front of me and made sense.

Which, I suppose, is best.

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